v3.1.133 Release Notes

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Released a new version of ANS, v3.1.133

Change Log:
– Changed format of the product versions. Now it has three numbers: major.minor.revision . For example the version number now looks like this: 3.1.115

  • major – will be increased if we will make very deep changes of the script engine.
  • minor – will be increased if we will add some features.
  • revision – internal serial number of the product release (will be increased with every release (including some small improvements or bug fixes)).

– Improved admin panels security system.
– Improved working-speed of the admin panel:
Added cache function for information recieved about “Latest script version info” and “ANS Updates info” from our site. Interval between requests of this info is 1hr.
– Fixed some bugs in the search function
– Removed the “Currently unavailable” string from the search results.

How To Upgrade:
To upgrade your existing site, you already have to be our paid customer, have access
to our new billing system, download the script and have a license key.
Detailed Upgrade Instructions can be found in the link below.

How To Purchase:
If you are not our paid customer, then you can Purchase ANS here:

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On December 4, 2013
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