About Amazon Affiliate Program and Web Services Access Keys

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To use Affiliate Niche Script with Amazon (to get products from Amazon and to earn affiliate commissions from their affiliate program) – you have to signup in Amazon services.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program
2. Get access to Amazon Product Advertising API
(you will get it from Affiliate Program account details)

If you already have access to these services, then you can start using all features of our script right now.

If you don’t have such Amazon services, then there are some notes you should know:
1. Amazon don’t like websites, wich have only producst from Amazon and not have any other important for visitors content.
So you should submit to amazon for review only real web sites with usefull content for visitors (not web sites made with “amazon script” with list of products only).
2. Amazon will review your site only after you make your first affiliate sale.
3. Now amazon give access to Product Advertising API not instantly.
They do it per request and after reviewing of your web site.
They say: “Registration for the Product Advertising API is only available to Associates that have been reviewed and received final acceptance in to the Associates Program. You can request an exception for approval by completing the Contact Us form and providing details about why you require an exception to access PA API. Your request will be reviewed by a specialist and you will receive a response within 3-4 days.”

So it’s can be long approval process. After you will be approved – you will be able to use their services on any your websites.

Don’t have access to Amazon services yet ?

In our Affiliate Niche Script you can use eBay module, to get products from eBay and get commisions from eBay Partner Network.

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On July 10, 2018

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