Searching for a nulled version of Affiliate Niche Script?

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You are probably reading this post because you’re searching the web for a nulled copy of Affiliate Niche Script.

Also, you might think that it’s not worth it, to read this long post by some employee; about how it is wrong to download a nulled version of their software. However, we do recommend that you spend a few minutes and read the whole post as it might be beneficial to you, before you continue to search for a nulled copy, if there are any out there.

We ask you to please keep in mind that this isn’t a rage post, or someone trying to troll you, we try to explain the actual benefits of actually paying for a license instead of submitting yourself to various potential threats that were inserted into the archive with malicious intent. Such as backdoors, digital currency miners and etc.

Affiliate Niche Script is not shareware or freeware, in case you did not know. It is commercial software, designed to help its users make money online through Amazon’s Affiliate Network.


It’s common sense that you will save money by not paying for a license and using a cracked (nulled) version, but you will also be facing many of unwanted errors and potential threats. So, will running a nulled version of the script make you vulnerable? The answer is definitely- yes. What are some potential risks? There might be backdoors or malicious code embedded alongside the scripts code. We’re not pressuring the reader to pony up the cash for the license, we are trying to warn anyone who is looking at nulled software as an alternative of the risks that they are subjecting themselves to.

As always if you have any comments or questions, you can reach our online support team here.



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On November 17, 2015
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