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We are happy to introduce a new release of ANS, v3.0.
It is ready for download in our new billing system! Link
Downloads are not available any longer to any old accounts @ affiliatenichescript.com

New Features and Changes:
– Changed algorithm of work with Amazons API (sites would have stopped working after
changes in Amazons API on 15.10.2010).
Please upgrade your current installations as soon as possible.
– Fixed a few small bugs with the search function, cache deletion, ASIN List categories, etc.
– Optimized the scripts code for less Amazon API usage and lesser server load.
– Added new templates (6 color variants of “default” template and 4 colors
of “shopper” template, now available).

We’ve integrated a new Licensing System!
Now every customer requires a License Key to be able to use the script.
A Standard license is valid for unlimited number of sites, but all these sites must be
owned by one person (our paid customer) also all these sites must have the same IP address.
One license key will not work for multiple sites that are located on different IPs.
We have to add such a restriction to protect us from not authorized distribution of the script.

Upcoming Changes:
In the next releases we plan to fix the issue with Amazons “Customer Reviews API” changes that were made by Amazon on November 8.
Add new features (like creation/editing of static pages from the admin panel, managing of ads on the site, and some other interesting additions).
Add new templates.

How To Upgrade:
To upgrade your existing site, you already have to be our paid customer, have access
to our new billing system, download the script and have a license key.
Detailed Upgrade Instructions can be found in the link below.

How To Purchase:
If you are not our paid customer, then you can Purchase ANS here:

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On December 4, 2013
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