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“Affiliate Niche Script is feature rich in highly innovative and exclusive features that are not seen in any other competing product.”
– John Baker






SEO Friendly Urls

SEO URLs feature allows for “cleaner” and more “user friendly” URL structures. For example, a standard category URL may look like this: But with SEO URLs the link structure will change to

Custom product url structures

The Product URLs in ANS, also have SEO optimization in them. This feature shortens the products name length inside the links, which in turn enables you to change the links parameters. Up to 16 variations are available.

For example:


These settings not only help with your SEO campaigns, but also help you to reduce your website’s footprint, ensuring it is as unique as possible.

iOS Support

Browser auto-detection within ANS will automatically render pages using the iOS template available within the ANS package. You can check out the Demo Site to see how it works in action.

Custom Page Titles, Meta Descriptions & Keywords

Each page has access to common variables allowing you to customize page titles and meta tags based on the page’s content and relevance to the product/category you are looking at. These settings are easily configured in the scripts Admin panel.

Add your sites name in Amazon reviews

Often, Amazon reviews can contain references to Amazons name inside the text, the sentences might look like “I bought this iPod from Amazon last week and it arrived the next day…”.
If this feature is enabled, ANS can remove the word Amazon and replace it with your websites name.





Built-in Product tracking

Each visit to a selected item gets logged. Statistics for products can be viewed from the administrators panel enabling you to determine your sites most popular products. Also you can see all the referring URLs used to find the product that you have selected.

Built-in Cart tracking

Cart tracking will enable you to gather statistics on all the items that have been added to shopping carts as well as all the checkout items from Amazon, that have been purchased. When the purchase is finalized, the total value is stored so you can easily calculate how much your store has earned for the current day & month.





All of the Ajax features in ANS are completely degradable – meaning if the customers browser does not support ajax & javascript technologies then the functionality of the store will continue to work.

Ajax Shopping Cart

The built-in shopping cart has been designed to use Ajax with the Prototype framework. Actions such as adding items to the cart, updating the mini cart contents, updating quantities and removing items, all utilize Ajax.

Amazon Auto Suggest

When a customer uses the search engine, as they type letters into the search box, ANS will query Amazon for keywords and present the customer with suggestions (similar to Google Suggest). Because we use Amazon Suggest, keywords returned are relevant to Amazon products only, also unique to the store’s configured locale.

Ajax Paging

Browsing the store is made much more user friendly with Ajax, jumping from page to page in categories and product sorting all occur without the whole page refreshing, saving you bandwidth and giving the customer a better user experience.

Price Tracking with Price Alerts

Notify your customers when prices drop!
This is by far our favorite feature, Price Tracking gives customers the opportunity to monitor when the prices for a particular product that they choose, drops below their desired price. An email is automatically sent out to them with the new price and a link to the product on your website. This will help keep customers coming back to your site and add significant value to your website.



Other Features

Banners / Ads Management

From the Administrators control panel you can manage add/edit any banners on your web site. For example add Google AdSense to any page to get an additional income source.

Static Page Management

Create and edit any static page directly from the admin panel. You can use such pages to add niche articles to your web site. This is particularly important for SEO optimization of your site. Since every site needs to have text as well as pictures and links, in order to generate traffic.

Custom themes

When we first designed ANS our #1 goal was to give our customers the ability to change the look and feel of their store using templates. We were long time users of alternative products like Associate-O-Matic, but with the lack of template functionalities this drove us to create our own product, that provides our users with extensive selection of themes to make each experience as unique as possible.

ANS gives you the opportunity to create your own unique templates or even make modifications to the default template to further make your store stand out. Templates use both HTML and PHP, so there’s no need to learn any new languages. Each category and product can potentially have its own genuine look and feel, by creating template files based on the chosen category name and product ID.

Members Area

The built-in members area allows your customers to create an account enabling them to bookmark products, use the price tracking feature and write their own reviews. By allowing users to register you can utilize customer details to build email lists to promote special offers and promotions via email marketing.

Custom Reviews

Your customers can leave their own reviews for products in your store which will be displayed along side reviews pulled down from Amazon.

Plus Much More!

Affiliate Niche Script is feature packed and offers great user experience. To see what we’re talking about, head over to our Demos page and give it a try.

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On November 28, 2013

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