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Posted on 02/25/10 in ANS development, 7 Comments

Affiliate Niche Script was released at the beginning of February and we have been receiving approximately 1000 download requests a week.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to all those who have provided their feedback, we have listened to your feature requests and fixed the bugs you have found.

Today v1.1 has been released and will be available is available for download shortly.

There are now two flavours of ANS, ANS Pro and ANS Free.

ANS Pro will be available for FREE to all 1.0 users. If you created an account on our homepage you will receive an email sometime today with download instructions.

New signups from now will not qualify for the FREE UPGRADE and will only have the choice to download the free version or buy ANS Pro.

ANS Free is a free download with all the features of Pro except:

  • seo urls
  • 1/10 refferals are credited to us
  • footer link can not be removed

ANS Pro is now for sale at just $97, still cheaper than AOM!

So what has changed from 1.0 to 1.1 ?

New Features

  • added ├é┬ádynamic sitemap
  • added ability to create new category from a list of asins
  • added ability to enter unique content for each category using TinyMCE editor
  • added Similar Products box for product pages
  • added ability to add “featured products” for each category page
  • added multi language support
  • added option to remove category name & product name from product/review/offer urls
  • when changing the product url parameter order you no longer need to update the .htaccess file.
  • improved page loading speed by optimising db calls. persistent connect dropped. caching enabled for category data calls, configurable to your own time limit.
  • improved error checking for the installer & search requests.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug where page 2+ does not load from homepage
  • fixed bug where categories that had been created were missing from the admin panel
  • fixed bug where category with same name could not be added. you can now have two sub-categories with same name, but not a root cat & sub category with same name.
  • fixed issue where searching using the “All” option would return an error.
  • fixed add offers to cart bug
  • fixed bug where if “import subcategories” was unticked, subcategories for pre-defined categories were still imported
  • fixed broken rss feeds for categories.
  • fixed broken “delete” link in user bookmarks

Now, its time to get your store’s making some money – otherwise what’s the point ?


  1. fish2

    good news!!

    especially the sitemap and the possibility to add unique content to the categories are big improvements.

    one question:

    Is it still true that 1.0 Users will get the Pro version for free? I’m registered since more than 2 weeks but I never received an e-mail? The Name of my Account here on the site is fish2. Would really appreciate if I can get it for free. I bought ReviewAzon recently but I think ANS would have been the better investment.

    keep on the good work and happy money making to all ANS users

    Posted 3-5-2010

  2. Nirose

    Thanks for the great script admin. This is awesomely easy to use and it looks very professional.


    Posted 3-6-2010

  3. Hemanathagiribabu

    I want to know how to configure the Script, I have Installed the script to my domain then? http://needtrust.org

    Posted 3-7-2010

  4. admin

    Hello, I have just updated your account. You should receive an email shortly with the download link.

    Posted 3-8-2010

  5. Frank

    Hello-hey I downloaded your script Version 1.0 from BHW on 02/16/10. Is there a way to get the upgrade to 1.2? Thanks for any info!

    Posted 3-16-2010

  6. E-Commerce Guidebook

    Hey, just wanna let you know your RSS feed is producing WC3 errors for me. Please find a solution!

    Posted 3-31-2010

  7. admin

    Hello, what version are you using?

    Posted 3-31-2010

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